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“And what, monks, is that path, that way of attaining final Nibbana without clinging? It is this Noble Eightfold Path; that is, right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right concentration. This is the path, the way for the fading away of lust.”
~ The Buddha
SN 45:41-48



From the East

Traffic out of Washington D.C. is extremely heavy in the afternoon. Please plan accordingly.

From Washington DC, take Interstate 66 seventy-six miles miles to Interstate 81 then turn right. Head north on I-81 toward Winchester ten miles to Highway 37 and turn left. Take I-37 toward Romney/Berkeley Springs five miles to Highway 50 then turn left. Head west on Hwy 50 toward Romney eleven miles.

Watch for a left turn exit to Route 259 (to Wardensville), a small exit lane just past Gore, near a gift shop. (If you miss the exit, the highway will change from 4 lanes to two lanes. If it does, turn back immediately and travel for a quarter mile. You will see Rt 259.) Head south on Rt 259 toward High View, West Virginia, for seven miles.  Look for “High View Grocery” on right side of the road, shortly beyond that look for Back Creek Road, which is a very small street sign off the LEFT Side of Hwy. 259.

Turn left at the sign and follow the road for one hundred yards, watching for a cemetery on the left. Do not turn before the cemetery. As you pass the cemetery, turn left and stay on Back Creek Road for a mile-and-a-half to a “T” junction (take special care as this is a winding and narrow country road with a few sharp turns ! ). Turn right at the junction and continue on Back Creek Road for three miles. Look for the Bhavana Society sign on the left.

(If you missed the Back Creek Road turn off Rt 259, drive on about three miles until you see a bridge on the left. Turn left at the bridge, drive about four miles, then turn left again to Back Creek Road and follow it for two-and-a-half miles to our driveway, on your right).

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