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“I do not perceive even one other thing, O monks, that when undeveloped and uncultivated entails such great suffering as the mind. The mind when undeveloped and uncultivated entails great suffering.”
~ The Buddha
AN 1: 9



From the North & Northeast

  1. Take Hwy. 340 South until you reach Hwy. 7 or Hwy. 50 in Virginia to Winchester, Virginia.
  2. Take Hwy. 7 or Hwy. 50 West through Winchester and then continue west on Hwy. 50.
  3. From there, follow directions as from the east.


From due North:

1. Choose either Interstate 95 South or Interstate 81 South depending on which is closest for you to travel. If you are taking Interstate 95 South, follow your map directions to Interstate 70 North or Interstate 270 North from 495 Beltway to Frederick MD, Interstate 70 will be found around Baltimore, Maryland heading towards Frederick MD. Interstate 70 will take you to Interstate 81 South. On Interstate 81 South, take the first exit for Winchester, Virginia, Route 37 South. Take the second exit, Route 50 West to Gore, Virginia – Romney, West Virginia. From there, follow directions as from the east


From Rte. 522 Berkley Springs WV Turn south on Hwy. 522. Drive south through Berkeley Springs toward Winchester. Pass through Cross Junction and then at 4.5 miles (at Gainesboro), turn right on Hwy. 600. Go 0.3 miles, then turn left onto conjunction of Hwy. 684 and Hwy. 600. Go 0.2 miles on Hwy. 684, then turn right on Hwy. 600 Go four miles, then turn right onto Hwy. 50 West..