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“The Beautiful chariots of kings wear out,
This body too undergoes decay.
But the Dhamma of the good does not decay:
So the good proclaim along with the good.”
~the Buddha
SN 3:3



From the South & Southeast

  1. If you are traveling from the coastal freeways, in Virginia get on Interstate 81 North.
  2. To reach Hwy. 259 North, drive a few miles north of Harrisonburg, Virginia, or at Strasburg, Virginia, take Hwy. 55 West.
  3. Then at Wardensville, take 259 North. Later, take a right on Hwy. 16 towards Capon Springs.
  4. After about three miles there will be an "Octagon House." Then take a left up the hill on Back Creek Road.
  5. After about two miles you will pass under large power lines; continue about two blocks. Our large granite sign and our driveway will be on the right.