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“I do not perceive even one other thing, O monks, that when undeveloped and uncultivated entails such great suffering as the mind. The mind when undeveloped and uncultivated entails great suffering.”
~ The Buddha
AN 1: 9



Four Noble Truths Retreat

Tuesday, March 14 to Sunday, March 19, 2017

This retreat is currently full.
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Level: Any
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Teacher: Bhante Gunaratana & the Monastic Community

The Four Noble Truths express the basic orientation of Buddhism: we crave and cling to impermanent states and things, which is dukkha, incapable of satisfying and painful.  This keeps us caught in samsara, the endless cycle of repeated rebirth, dukkha and dying again.  But there is a way to reach real happiness and to end this cycle, namely following the eightfold path.  Bhante Gunaratana will offer the opening and closing talks during this retreat.  Bhante Pannaratana and Bhante Jayasara will share in leading the other Dhamma talks and Q & A’s periods.  Bhante Managala will be the Retreat Coordinator and Bhante Dhammaratana will be teaching walking meditation.

Registration opens at 3:00pm in the Dining Hall. Please arrive to allow enough time to complete registration here and settle in before the retreat begins. All retreats end after lunch on the last day.
Although every retreat is slightly different here is a typical retreat daily schedule.