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“So too, monks, I saw the ancient path, the ancient road traveled by the Perfectly Enlightened Ones of the past. And what is that ancient path, that ancient road? It is just this Noble Eightfold Path; that is, right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration.”
~ The Buddha
SN 12:65



Introduction to Samatha & Vipassana Meditation Retreat

Tuesday, April 19 to Saturday, April 23, 2016
(4 nights)

This retreat is currently full.
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Level: Any
What does Any mean?

Teacher: Bhante Gunaratana

These are not entirely different two kinds of meditation but two levels of meditation.  What was lacking in the time of the absence of the Buddha was vipassana.  Vipassana could be found only in the teaching of the Buddha.  For the attainment of liberation one has to practice, develop and cultivate both these simultaneously.  This is what is called tandem (yuganaddha).  In this retreat we introduce the technique of practicing both samatha and vipassana (serenity and insight).  All retreats are considered silent retreats with the exception of Dhamma talks, question and answer periods including optional teacher interviews.

Registration opens at 3:00pm in the Dining Hall. Please arrive to allow enough time to complete registration here and settle in before the retreat begins. All retreats end after lunch on the last day.
Although every retreat is slightly different here is a typical retreat daily schedule.