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“There is, monks, an unborn, unbecome, unmade, unconditioned. If, monks, there were no unborn… no escape would be discerned from what is born, become, made, conditioned. But because there is an unborn…, therefore an escape is discerned from what is born, become, made, conditioned.”
~ The Buddha
Ud 8:3



Metta Retreat

Monday, October 3 to Sunday, October 9, 2016
(6 nights)


Level: Any
What does Any mean?

Teacher: Bhante Seelananda

This retreat is focused on the practice of loving friendliness.  Traditionally, metta is cultivated along with compassion, sympathetic joy (rejoicing in the happiness of others) and equanimity.  Through these practices we develop a loving heart, concentration, self-acceptance, fearlessness and happiness.  These practices also establish our fundamental connectedness to all life.  During this retreat we will focus primarily on metta practice, but will explore the other practices as well.  All retreats are considered silent retreats with the exception of Dhamma talks, question and answer periods including optional teacher interviews.

Registration opens at 3:00pm in the Dining Hall. Please arrive to allow enough time to complete registration here and settle in before the retreat begins. All retreats end after lunch on the last day.
Although every retreat is slightly different here is a typical retreat daily schedule.
For those who would like to take them, the Lifetime Precepts are offered at this retreat.

Specifc infromation can be found here.

If you would like to take the Lifetime Precepts (not to be confused with the regular monastery precepts), be sure to bring a set of white clothes.

For an explaination of the meaning of the precepts and their practice, read Bhante G's article Taking the Eight Lifetime Precepts. To read about the history of the precepts at Bhavana and what the ceremony is like, read The Seeds of Dhamma Take Root.