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“The Beautiful chariots of kings wear out,
This body too undergoes decay.
But the Dhamma of the good does not decay:
So the good proclaim along with the good.”
~the Buddha
SN 3:3



Bhante Seelananda

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Access to Bhante Seelananda’s Dhamma Talks
youtube/bhante Seelananda.com

Ven. Seelananda was born and bred in Sri Lanka as a Theravada monk. Having received the invitation extended from American Sri Lankan Buddhist Association of New York he came to US for the dissemination of the Dhamma in 2002. Bhante Seelananda, along with his friends, established a meditation Center named “Samatha Vipassana Meditation Centre” in Edmonton Canada. Ven. Seelananda served as Vice President and Vice Abbot of Bhavana Society from January 2011 to May 22, 2016. Since Bhante Uparatana’s appointment to these two positions, Bhante Seelananda is now a senior Dhamma Teacher, leading retreats at Bhavana and internationally.