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“Tamed, he is supreme among those who tame;
At peace, he is the sage among those who bring peace;
Freed, he is the chief of those who set free;
Delivered, he is the best of those who deliver.”
AN 4:23


Arranging a Visit

How to visit Bhavana

People are welcome to visit the Bhavana Society when we do not have public retreats scheduled. Here are the basic steps to make that happen.

Day Visits (not overnight)

  1. Check the Retreat Schedule to see if we have a retreat scheduled for the day you want to visit. It is possible to visit the afternoon a retreat starts or after lunch on the last day of a retreat, but things will probably be a bit busy. If you want to see a specific teacher, check the travel schedule to see if they will be away. If you want to speak to them directly, please arrange for this in advance as they may be away for the day or in meetings.

  2. Complete the Visit Registration form and select "day visit."

Overnight Visits

  1. Read over the visiting guidelines completely. Please note, we do not accept visitors when in a scheduled public retreat. You must check our retreat schedule prior to registering for a visit. Visitors Guidelines.
  2. Decide if you would like to do a personal retreat while you are here and if so, be sure to read the guidelines for personal retreats. You must meet the requirements to do a silent Intensive Personal Retreat at Bhavana but we can accept anyone to come for a Casual Personal Retreat. At this time, we are no longer accepting request for intensive personal retreats but we encourage you to request a casual retreat; you will be asked to fully participate in our daily (non) retreat schedule.
  3. A casual personal retreat means you are asked to follow our daily schedule (sample can be found on our website) which includes no eating after noon, fully participating in all scheduled daily activities, working 2-4 hours each day (or longer if the work load is especially in need during your visit) though most work is completed in the morning but on occasion, it can continue in to the mid-afternoon hours.
  4. Please make arrangements to arrive between 2:00 and 4:00 pm since you will need to meet with the Guest Master upon your arrival.
  5. Check the Retreat Schedule so see if we have a retreat scheduled for the day you want to visit. You may not schedule a visit or personal retreat when we have a public retreat scheduled.
  6. Complete the Visit Registration form and select "overnight visit."

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Jul 05, 2016