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“Whatever grounds there are for making merit productive of a future birth, all these do not equal a sixteenth part of the liberation of mind by loving-kindness. The liberation of mind by loving-kindness surpasses them and shines forth, bright and brilliant.”
~ The Buddha
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Lifetime Precepts

An explaination of the precepts

For those who wish to increase their commitment to their practice, we will be offering the Eight Lifetime Precepts at several of the retreats this year. The precepts are as follows:

  1. Abstain from killing
  2. Abstain from stealing
  3. Abstain from sexual misconduct
  4. Abstain from false speech
  5. Abstain from malicious speech
  6. Abstain from harsh speech
  7. Abstain from useless speech
  8. Abstain from engaging in wrong livelihood and drinks and drugs causing heedlessness*

(Please note that this set is slightly different from the eight precepts that people staying at the center must follow.)

Before taking the precepts, participants will take the three refuges: refuge in the Buddha, refuge in the Dhamma (the teachings), and refuge in the Sangha (those individuals who have attained enlightenment using these teachings). Traditionally this is considered the action that makes one officially a Buddhist.

People taking the precepts should bring a set of all white or off white clothes to wear at the precept ceremony on the last day of the retreat. If you have any questions, you may contact our office.

* In traditional Buddhist countries, abstaining from intoxicants is assumed to be included in the precept on right livelihood.  For clarification, we spell it out.

Updated: Apr 01, 2007

For an explaination of the meaning of the precepts and their practice, read Bhante G's article Taking the Eight Lifetime Precepts To read about the history of the precepts at Bhavana and what the ceremony is like, read The Seeds of Dhamma Take Root