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“The Tathagatha… is the originator of the path unarisen before, the producer of the path unproduced before, the declarer of the path undeclared before. He is the knower of the path, the discoverer of the path, the one skilled in the path. And his disciplines now dwell following that path and become possessed of it afterwards.”
~ The Buddha
SN 22:58




NEW-all Bhavana Retreat talks

The Bhavana Society will be offering Dhamma talks and retreat Dharma talks periodically through dharmaseed.com Please check their website for any new updates.
Directions to use on dharmaseed.com
Go to:  dharmaseed.com
Click on “talks”
Right side of screen, click on “centers”
Click on Bhavana Society
Click on “talks”
All talks that have been downloaded will be on this list.