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“And what, monks, is that path, that way of attaining final Nibbana without clinging? It is this Noble Eightfold Path; that is, right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right concentration. This is the path, the way for the fading away of lust.”
~ The Buddha
SN 45:41-48



Ten Day Metta Retreat

Bhante Gunaratana

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"Metta meditation encourages a feeling of connectedness to the whole world. This CD presents the Dhamma talks from a ten day retreat devoted entirely to metta meditation.

"Metta is in everybody's heart, everybody's mind, everybody's life. There may not be a single living being who does not have the root of metta.

"Most human beings don't know this. They don't know how much loving friendliness they have within themselves. It is buried under the rubble of hatred, anger, and resentment. It is something we have within ourselves all the time and we have to find a way to bring it out.

"When somebody cultivates metta, that person's heart becomes warm. When we cultivate metta within ourselves, only then do we know how relaxed, how comfortable, how peaceful we can feel."

~Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

You cannot request the talks or meditations as seperate CD's.

Contents of this MP3 CD:

  • Day One: A general introduction to metta

  • Day Two: The place of metta in the Pali Cannon and in the life of the Buddha

  • Day Three: Benefits in daily life of having a metta practice

  • Day Four: Metta practice as a source of calm (passaddhi) and concentration (samadhi)

  • Day Five: Practical advice on how to practice metta in daily life and the benefits gained from doing so; the historical context of the Metta Sutta

  • Day Six: Overcoming anger and resentment

  • Day Seven: Continuation of overcoming anger and resentment

  • Day Eight: Metta and the brahmaviharas, ten perfections, vipassana

  • Day Nine: Retreatant's questions and answers

  • Day Ten: Concluding remarks, bringing metta into your daily life

Additional material on this CD

  • Karaniya Metta Sutta recitations:

    Recitation by Bhante Katugastota Uparatana of the The International Buddhist Center in Wheaton, Maryland

    Recitation by Samanera Dhammaratana of Sri Lanka

  • Karaniya Metta Sutta text:

    Romanized Pali, and an English translation done by Bhante Gunaratana (PDF format which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader)

  • Mettanisamsa Sutta text:

    The eleven benefits of practicing metta - Anguttara Nikaya XI:16. Romanized Pali, and English translation

  • Recitation texts:

    Seventeen pages of additional recitations on metta

  • A Buddhist Dictionary:

    The well known manual of Buddhist terms and doctrines by Nyanatiloka Mahathera in PDF format