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“The Beautiful chariots of kings wear out,
This body too undergoes decay.
But the Dhamma of the good does not decay:
So the good proclaim along with the good.”
~the Buddha
SN 3:3



The Canki Sutta

Bhante Gunaratana

In this discourse,  the Buddha also gives instructions on investigating one who claims to be a teacher of Dhamma as to states of greed, hatred and delusion. The training path is explained as leading from placing faith in a teacher, through visiting and paying respect, listening and hearing the Dhamma, memorizing it and examining its meaning, which leads to gaining reflective acceptance of the teaching, the arising of zeal, application of will, scrutinizing, striving, and finally, to realizing and seeing the ultimate Truth by penetrating it with wisdom.

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File Size: 22 MB
Durration: 1:30:00
Recorded: 9-28-07
Posted: 04-22-08