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“Whatever grounds there are for making merit productive of a future birth, all these do not equal a sixteenth part of the liberation of mind by loving-kindness. The liberation of mind by loving-kindness surpasses them and shines forth, bright and brilliant.”
~ The Buddha
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The Path of Serenity and Insight

Bhante Gunaratana

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At the same time a scholarly treatise and a practical meditation manual, this is one of the most thorough treatments of the jhanas found in English. It was based on Bhante G’s doctoral degree dissertation, here revised for the serious practitioner. There are many explanatory notes, as well as notes that lead to further reading in the Pali canon. Appendices include the 37 constituents of enlightenment, the 40 meditation subjects, kinds of kamma and places of rebirth, and extensive glossary. There is a bibliography.

Motilal Banarsidass publishers

Available through online book sellers.