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Sri Lanka has issued a special stamp honoring Ven. Dr. Henepola Gunaratana, known to his students as Bhante G, for his services to the nation and to Buddhism. Ven. Gunaratana, who is 95 years old, is perhaps best known for his work at the Buddhist Vihara Society of Washington, DC, beginning in 1968, and his founding of the Bhavana Society retreat center in 1982, earning him the Sri Lankan title of Chief Sanghanayaka of North America. At an event hosted by Sri Lankan Transport, Highways, and Mass Media minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardena, several Sri Lankan officials and leading monastics offered praise for Ven. Gunaratana.

Van. Gunaratana was born on 7 December 1927, and was ordained at the age of 20. He spent five years in India after this, staying at the Mahabodhi Society, living in Sanchi, Delhi, and Mumbai. After this, he spent 10 years in Malaysia teaching and spreading Buddhism, working as a religious advisor for the Sasana Abhivurdhiwardhana Society and other groups…

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Please join us at Bhavana Society October 15 as we celebrate Kathina

Please join us in person on Sunday, October 15 as we observe the annual Buddhist celebration of Kathina, the offering of the robe. 

 All are welcome for a day of Dhamma talks, food and fellowship. There is no need to sign up in advance.

10:30 Buddha Puja   10:45 Alms Round   1:00 Robe offering and Dhamma talk

The ceremony will be live streamed at the link above at 1:00

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Retreat registration opens at noon, one month prior to the retreat start date

Year End Retreat Part 2

This is not a guided retreat, no Interviews, and you are on your own

Year End Retreat Part 1

This is not a guided retreat, no Interviews, and you are on your own

Awareness of Living and Dying Retreat

REGISTRATION WILL OPEN SEPTEMBER 4 AT NOON EST. In this retreat we will use the breathing and body for developing mindfulness to live more in the present moment, in harmony

Introduction to Meditation Retreat

Registration opens October 10 at noon. For people new to meditation, or new to retreats, we offer this short course on the basics of Buddhist meditation. You don’t need to be

Noble 8 Fold Path Retreat

The noble eightfold path was included in the very first teaching of the Buddha; the four noble truths. Of the four noble truths, the eightfold path is the fourth: “the

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