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Books to Donate

Books to Donate

From time to time we list books in the categories below that would be useful to add to the Bhavana library collection.  If you wish to donate one or more books, please let us know the title and the author of the book you wish to offer before sending it to Bhavana (in order to avoid duplications) by contacting us through email at:  

Clicking on the ISBN will take you to the publisher's website (however books may also be available from bookstores or online vendors). Used copies in unmarked, excellent condition are welcome as well. Also, please contact us before donating any books not on this list. Thank you

  • Translations of Pali Canon 

               None listed at this time.

  • Dhamma Teachings

                None listed at this time.

  • Buddhist Literature

Absorption: Human Nature and Buddhist Liberation by Johannas Bronkhorst. ISBN 9783906000244.

Buddhism Beyond Borders : New Perspectives on Buddhism in the United States by Scott Mitchell & Natalie Quli. ISBN 9781438456362.

Compassion and Emptiness in Early Buddhist Meditation by Bhikkhu Analayo. ISBN 9781909314559.

Dignity & Discipline : Reviving Full Ordination for Buddhist Nuns by Thea Mohr. ISBN 9780861715886.

From Indra's Net to the Internet : Communication, Technology, and the Evolutions of Buddhist Ideas by Daniel M. Veidlinger. ISBN 9780824873400.

Jataka Stories in Theravada Buddhism : Narrating the Bodhisatta Path by Naomi Appleton. ISBN 9781138273658.

Kaccayana Pali Grammar (Pali Text Society). Edited by A. Thitzana. 2 vols. ISBN 978-1-68172-038-8ISBN 978-1-68172-037-1.

A Meditator's Life of the Buddha : Based on the Early Discourses by Bhikkhu Analayo. ISBN 9781909314993.

Mindfully Facing Disease and Death : Compassionate Advice From Early Buddhist Texts by Bhikkhu Analayo. ISBN 9781909314726.

The Notion of Ditthi in Theravada Buddhism : The Point of View by Paul Fuller. ISBN 9780415650496.

The Original Buddhist Psychology : What the Abhidharma Tells Us About How We Think, Feel, and Experience Life by Beth Jacobs. ISBN 9781623171308.

Pain and Its Ending : The Four Noble Truths in the Theravada Buddhist Canon by Carol Anderson. ISBN 9781138862319.

Theravada Buddhism : The View of the Elders by Asanga Tilakaratne. ISBN 9780824871598.

Women in Pāli Buddhism : Walking the Spiritual Paths in Mutual Dependence by Pascale Engelmajer. ISBN 9781138491526.

  • Buddhism and Science

Religion and Science in the Mirror of Buddhism by Francisca Cho & Richard K. Squier. ISBN 9781315693132.

Siddhartha's Brain: Unlocking the Ancient Science of Enlightenment by James Kingsland. ISBN 9780062403872.

  • Buddhist Books for Children and Parents

The Day the Buddha Woke Up by Rima Fujita & Andrea Miller. ISBN 9781614294504

Mindful Monkey, Happy Panda by Lauren Alderfer & Kerry Lee MacLean. ISBN 9780861716838.

Moody Cow Learns Compassion by Kerry Lee MacLean. ISBN 9781614290339.

Sitting Together: A Family-Centered Curriculum on Mindfulness, Meditation & Buddhist Teachings by Sumi Loundon. (3-vol. set: Adult Study Guide, Children’s Lesson Plans, Activity Book). ISBN 9781614294351.


The Bhavana Society's Library Mission Statement details what materials are collected by the library.

NOTE: The library does not have complete holdings of the Bhavana Society's newsletter especially for the early years. If you have back issues you wish to donate, please send an email to the address above listing what issues you have before sending any, so we can check to see if they would fill in the gaps. (The printed publication has been variously titled over the years as: Bhavana: The Bhavana Society Newsletter; Bhavana News: News For and About Friends of the Bhavana Society Meditation Center; Bhavana News: News From the Bhavana Society Forest Monastery and Meditation Center; and The Forest Path: The Newsletter of the Bhavana Society, The First Theravada Buddhist Monastery in North America.) Thank you!

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