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Bhavana Vandana: Devotions for Meditation

Bhante GunaratanaBhavana Vandana Book

Daily recitation of passages from this book is an excellent way to learn the Dhamma, deepen one’s practice, and gradually master the Pali language.  This edition is expanded to include the Greater Discourse on the Establishments of Mindfulness (with a new translation by Bhikkhu Bodhi) as well as the Discourse on Setting in Moton the Wheel of Dhamma. Bhante Gunaratana has revised some of the translations to make them more meaningful and accurate.

The Vandana presents texts with Pali on the left page and English on the facing right page. We have made the effort to make this text useful to the student of Pali by hyphenating many compound words, placing keywords in bold text, and correcting the Romanized text according to the most accurate and current sources. Bhavana Vandana Daily Reading Schedule (gives pages number for the 2008 and 2019 editions and the 1990 PDF version as well). 

Follow this link for a free downloadable PDF version of the Bhavana Vandana. (Note: This 1990 version does not include Notes or sutta reference Citations.)

A 2019 version of the Bhavana Vandana with a Foreword by Bhikkhu Bodhi is available (in both print or ebook) for purchase from Wisdom Publications. That edition is titled: Buddhist Suttas for Recitation: A Companion for Walking the Buddha's Path.

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