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From the South & Southeast

#Bhavana Society Directions
  1. If you are traveling from the coastal freeways, in Virginia get on Interstate 81 North.
  2. To reach Hwy. 259 North, Capers Pike, drive about 10 miles north of Harrisonburg, Virginia, or at Strasburg, Virginia, take Hwy. 55 West.
  3. Then at Wardensville, take 259 North. Later, take a right Hwy. 16, Capon Springs Rd. (crossing the bridge) towards Capon Springs.
  4. After about three miles there will be an Octagon (shaped) House. Then take a left up the hill on Back Creek Road.
  5. After about two miles you will pass under large power lines; continue about two blocks. Our large granite sign and our driveway will be on the right.

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