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International Editions

Photo of Bhante G's books in languages other than English

International Editions: Non-English Translations of Books Written by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana

This list (only partially complete) is for information only. It attempts to document non-English translations of Bhante G's published writings. While Bhavana's library has copies of many translations, it does not have all the non-English versions listed here. Links to publishers and/or booksellers for specific editions will be provided when identified. If you know of those links or other translations not listed here, please send an email with that information to the Bhavana Society marked “ATTN: Librarian” – Thank you.

* NOTE: (nl = no location / np = no publisher / nd = no date) Missing publisher and/or place of publication may have been given, but was in a non-roman script (such as Asian languages or Cyrillic). Some editions may no longer be in print and thus only available from the used-book market. Also, many instances of Bhante G.’s writings translated into languages other than English can be found on the Internet (though not necessarily done by a commercial publisher or with Bhante G’s knowledge and/or permission). Also, ** indicates contract with Wisdom Publications, but book may not have been published yet.


What, Why, How: Answers to Your Questions About Buddhism, Meditation, and Living Mindfully

Spanish: Barcelona, Kairós (2020). 9788499887524. Empezar aquí, empezar ahora: Una breve guía para la meditación mindfulness.

Mindfulness in Plain English

Catalan: Barcelona, Edicions Viena (2013). Meditar és senzill.

Chinese: Shanghai, Hainan Publishing House (2009). 987-7-5443-3071-8

Chinese: Taipei, Corporate Body of the Buddhist Educational Foundation (1997)

Czech: Prague, Malvern (2006). 80-86702-11-1. O meditaci srozumitelně.

Czech: Prague, Grada (2012). Jednoduchá meditace pro každého.

Danish: [online resource] Don Max

Dutch: Haarlem, Netherlands, Altamira-Becht (2005)

Finnish: Helsinki, Basam Books (2015). 978-952-260-440-8. Johdatus tietoiseen läsnäoloon.

Finnish: Helsinki, Basam Books (2011). 978-952-5734-97-3

French: [nl] Aider La Vie (1995). Various books by Bhante G in French.

French: Paris, Marabout (2013). Mediter au Quotidien.

German: Heidelberg, Kristkeitz Verlag (1996). Various books by Bhante G in German.

Hungarian: A Tan Kapua **

Indonesian: Klaten, Wisma Sambodhi [1999]. Meditasi dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.

Italian: Rome: Ubaldini (1995). La pratica della consapevolezza. In parole semplici.

Japanese: Tokyo, Japan UNI Agency/Wisdom Publications (2011)

Korean: Arumdi Media *

Korean: Kyŏnggi-do P'aju-si : Arŭmdŭri Midiŏ(2007). 9788988404775. Kajang sonshwiun kkaedarŭm ŭi kil, Wippasana myŏngsang.

Lithuanian: Trigama Publication House **

Polish: Białystok, Studio Astropsychologii (2013). 9788373776029. Medytacje buddyjskie.

Portuguese: Sao Paulo, Editoria Gaia (2017). Atencao Plena em Linguagem Simples.

Portuguese: Sao Paulo, IBRASA (1994)

Portuguese: Belo Horizonte, Edicoes Nalanda (2002)

Romanian: Bucharest, Herald (2014). Various books by Bhante G in Romanian. 

Russian: [online resource]

Russian: Простыми словами о внимательности. Moscow, Izdatelstvo Ganga (2005)

Sinhala: [nl, np] 978-955-663-045-9 (2008) * [possibly: Dihivala : Bauddha Saṃskrutika Madyasthānaya, 2003

Sinhala: Kandy, Buddhist Publication Society (2011)

Spanish: Buenos Aires, Asociacion Budista China en Argentina (1998)

Spanish: Buenos Aires, Grafica Laser (1999)

Spanish: Col. Santa Cruz Atoyac, Editorial Pax Mexico (2003)

Spanish: Barcelona, Kairós (2012)

Telugu: [India – nl, np, nd] *

Thai: Bangkok, [np] (2011). 974-90251-8-0

Vietnamese: By translator: Lương Thanh BìnhChánh niệm bằng tiếng Anh. (PDF download)

Vietnamese: By translator: Lê Kim Kha. Chánh-niệm-giảng-bằng-ngôn-ngữ-thông-thường.

Vietnamese: By translator: Nguyễn Duy Nhiên. Chánh niệm bằng tiếng Anh. Also available from a site in Australia. 

Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Chinese: [nl, np] (2013). 978-986-6362-69-9 *

French: Paris, Marabout (2014). 9782501089951. Les Quatre Fondements de la Pleine Conscience.

French: Hachette Livie **

German: Munich, Scorpio Verlag. 978-3-943416-89-3. Die 4 Paulen der Achtsamkeit : Philosophie & Praxis fur das tägliche Leben.

Korean: Arumdi Media **

Portuguese: Sao Paulo, Edicoes Casa de Dharma (2012)

Russian: Moscow (2017). 978-5-9909602-0-6 / 978-1-61429-038-4 

Spanish: Barcelona, Editorial Kairos (2018). 9788499886466. Los cuatro fundamentos del mindfulness : El cuerpo, las sensaciones, la mente y el Dhamma.

Thai: [nl, np] 9786167102597 6167102597 *

Vietnamese: Bốn nền tảng của chánh niệm. Also, link for PDF version of the book.


Beyond Mindfulness in Plain English

Chinese: [nl, np] (2012) 978-986-6409-38-7 *

Chinese: [nl] Hainan (2013) 978-7-5443-4909-3 *

Dutch: Haarlem, Altamira (2012)

French: Paris, Marabout (2012)

German: Heidelberg, Kristkeitz Verlag (2010). 978-3-932337-78-9 Von der Achtsamkeit zur Sammlung: Eine Einführung in die tieferen Stadien Meditation.

Italian: Rome, Ubaldini (2010). 9788834015827. Oltre la consapevolezza in parole semplici

Japanese: Tokyo, Japan UNI Agency/Wisdom Publications (2009)

Korean: [nl] Arumdri Media Publishing (2013)

Russian: Alexander Narinyani **

Sinhala: Nugegoda, Sarasavi Publisher

Spanish: Barcelona, Karios (2015)


Eight Mindful Steps to Happiness

Dari (Arabic): Dr. Manouchehr Dehnad Tabatabai, translator. (2013) [Full text online in Arabic script]

Chinese: Haikou Shi, Hainan chu ban she (2009). 978-7-5443-3121-0

French: Paris, Marabout (2013). Les Huit Marches Vers le Bonheur.

German: Heidelberg, Kristkeitz Verlag (2011)

Indonesian: Batam Centre, Lucky Publishers (2002)

Indonesian: Surabaya, Binarupa Aksara **

Italian: Rome: Astrolabio Ubaldini (2004). 9788834014486. La Felicita in Otto Passi : Camminare sul sentiero del Buddha.

Japanese: Tokyo, Japan UNI Agency/Wisdom Publications (2001)

Korean: [nl] Arumdri Media Publishing (2006)

Polish: Białystok, Studio Astropsychologii (2014). 9788373776814

Portuguese: Sao Paulo, Gaia (2014)

Romanian: Bucharest, Herald (2016)

Russian: Moscow (2017). 978-5-9909602-3-7 / 978-0-86171-176-5

Spanish: Mexico City, Editorial Pax Mexico. 9789688608104. La práctica de la atención plena en nuestra vida cotidiana : Caminando por la senda del Buda.

Sinhala: [nl, np] (2011). 978-955-671-361-9 *

Vietnamese: Ho Chi Minh, Nha Sach van Thanh (2001). 0-86171-176-9

Vietnamese: By translator: Diệu Liên Lý Thu LinhBát-chánh-đạo. Also, link for PDF version of the book.


Jhanas in Theravada Buddhist Meditation

Spanish: Kandy, Sri Lanka, Buddhist Publication Society (1988). Las jhanas  en la meditacion Budista Theravada.


Journey to Mindfulness: The Autobiography of Bhante G.

German: Uttenbühl, Jhana Verlag (2012)

Sinhala: Nedimala, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka, Buddhist Cultural Centre (2003). 9558540803

Vietnamese: [nl, np, nd] 1-74189-270-8 *

Vietnamese: By translator: Diệu Liên Lý Thu LinhHành Trình Đến Chánh Niệm.


Meditation on Perception

Chinese: Oak Tree Publication **

French: Paris, Marabout (2016). Meditation sur la Perception.

Romanian: Bucharest, Herald (2015). 978-973-111-521-4

Russian: Moscow (2017). 978-5-9909022-6-8 / 978-1-61429-085-8

Spanish:  Barcelona, Kairos (2016)

Vietnamese: Van Lang Culture **


The Path of Serenity and Insight

Vietnamese: Con đường thiền chỉ và thiền quán (ebook) (2010)


Loving-Kindness in Plain English: The Practice of Metta

French: Paris, Marabout (2019). De la Bienveillance a l'Amour Inconditionnel .

Japanese: Tokyo, Shunjusha (2018)

Russian: Moscow (2018). 978-5-6040003-5-9 / 978-1-61429-249-4

Spanish: Barcelona, Kairos (2017)

Vietnamese: Samanta Social Enterprise **


Bhavana Vandana

Spanish: High View, WV, Bhavana Society (1990)


* NOTE: (nl = no location / np = no publisher / nd = no date) 

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