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Lay Residency

Lay Residency

During Covid-19, Bhavana Society is accepting only long-term stays of one month or longer, upon approval of the Vice-Abbot.

For further information on long-term residency, please read:

Be sure to fill out the form completely and include a recent photo of yourself.  Missing information could cause delays in processing.

The residency application is available in the following formats:

PDF Residency Application


Microsoft Word Residency Application

If you are already an ordained, celibate Buddhist monastic and would like to apply for residency, please complete this supplemental application as well as the one above.  Please note, all monastics must have permission from our Abbot to visit.  Even for a day visit, it is requested that you have contacted our Abbot and received permission from him to visit prior to registering for a visit or apply for residency.

PDF Supplemental Monastic Application


Microsoft Word Supplemental Monastic Application 

Please Note: The residency application only needs to be submitted for stays that last longer than 7 (seven) days.


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