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Lay Residency

Lay Residency

Bhavana Society is not accepting short term visitors from October 24, 2021 until March 1, 2022. We are accepting applications for long stays of one month or more during this period.

Visitors are full members of the Bhavana community and participate in all aspects of the monastery's day-to-day life, including meditation, chanting, cooking, cleaning and lots of dhamma discussions. Proof of Covid-19 vaccination is required to visit.

If you are lay person (not a monk), you may apply by filling out one of these applications:

References are required for visitors applying to stay for 7 days or longer.


To learn more about long-term residency, please read:


If you are an ordained, celibate monk, please complete the above application, plus the following form:

All monastics must have permission from our Abbot to visit.  Even for a day visit, it is requested that you have contacted our Abbot and received permission from him to visit prior to registering for a visit or applying for residency.


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