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6 thoughts on “Bhavana Society Newsletter January 2024”

    1. Hello Alan,
      Yes, we do , please see below dewtails.
      Tune in Live
      (Click for Livestream)
      Meeting ID: 668 674 778
      Passcode: metta
      Join Bhante G live For Dhamma talks and Q&A
      Saturday 10 – 11 am: Dhamma talk & meditation
      Sundays 10 – 11 am: Q&A & meditation
      Sunday 3 – 4 pm: Dhamma for kids

      With Metta

  1. Hi, Alan-

    I believe that during the Winter months the Monastery takes a break. Perhaps the Venerable Bhantes are traveling to visit Sri Lanka, which is their original home. I trust that they’ll return when the forest warms up in the Spring. As you might know, the West VA mountains are cold and damp in the late Autumn, often snowy all the Winter long, and usually only begin to warm up in the late Spring. It would do them well to spend the cold months in tropical climes where they can be part of the warmth and vibrancy of the Theravada Buddhist communities of South and Southeast Asia, from which they originated. Bhante G is an elder and venerated teacher in the Theravada Buddhist tradition. I am sure that the Bhantes of Bhavana Society are well-received wherever they go, and missed when they are gone- such as they are for you and I at this time.

    May all beings be at ease.

    Barbie Roelofs

  2. I read the Newsletter- which I should have done before… Yes, Bhante Saddhajeewa went to Sri Lanka to teach. May he be safe and return refreshed in the Dhamma.

    The photos of the beautiful snow and of David clearing the way in the wind and cold hark back to blizzards I survived in Pennsylvania. Nature is mighty, indeed. We are but visitors to her realm.

    May all beings be at ease.

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