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A forest path at Bhavana

Current Newsletter Available

The Winter 2017 edition of the Bhavana Society’s quarterly newsletter, The Forest
, features ‘Two steps of paññā’, written by Bhikkhu Mangala. This article
pinpoints the difference between having views about the Noble Truths and really
comprehending Right Understanding and Right Thought. Our second article is from
our ‘Ask Bhante G’ series, in which Bhante G answers a question posed to him
during an interview. The third article shares photos from Bhante G’s 90th birthday.
The fourth and last section is an excerpt from the AN 3.26. We hope you enjoy this
issue of The Forest Path.

May you be well, happy, and peaceful, and may you find freedom from suffering.
- The Bhavana Media Team

This and other issues of the newsletter are available for download at: Newsletters - The Forest Path

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