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Rebirth of a Website

Dear Friends of Bhavana, demonstrating the first of the three characteristics of existence; namely, impermanence, old user account information is not available in the new website.  What can we say? It did not cling. Therefore, please create a new account profile by registering using the “Register” link above.  If you were a registered user of the Bhavana’s previous website and try to log in with your old username and password, it will not work. We kindly ask that you do not phone the office, but use the Contact Us form; or, send an email if you have a problem re-registering noting the issue encountered and your contact information directly to:


Update: There have been some snags in the automatic email system that we believe have now been resolved. However, if you have trouble registering and have not received the email with the link to set up your profile, check your "spam/junk mail" folder.


Also, if you encounter any difficulties it would be most helpful if you could note the browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.), operating system (PC, Mac) version and version used.


With Thanks & Metta!