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UPDATE: About Bhavana During the Coronavirus Pandemic

NOTE: Bhavana is now closed for all in-person visits & retreats for the remainder of 2020. 

Please find Metta message (13 minutes) from Bhante Gunaratana concerning the current situation (with introductory words from Bhante Sadhajeewa). Please join Bhante G. and Bhante Saddhajeewa five days a week (except Mondays and Tuesdays) for meditation, Dhamma teaching, or Question & Answer sessions.

Zoom schedule update

Links to the online Zoom* sessions:

10:00 AM EDT Dhamma Talk or Q and A & Guided Meditation w/ Bhante G,  (Meeting ID: 668 674 778) 

7:00 PM EDT Dhamma Talk or Q and A & Guided Meditation w/ Bhante Saddhajeewa,  (Meeting ID: 668 674 778) 
NOTE: Please send your questions addressed to either Bhante G (for A.M. sessions) or Bhante S (for P.M. sessions) to: 

(Visit  for recordings of previous meditation sessions.)

See our Items to Donate page for how you help support Bhavana during this period of extended seclusion (food and other items can be sent via the U.S. mail or other delivery services).

As always, monetary donations are also deeply appreciated

Session-related helpful resources:

Stay safe and informed: CDC website for coronavirus (COVID-19) information 

* Kindly Note: In light of recent news about security flaws and  privacy concerns regarding the Zoom platform, we advise users of the service to keep both your device and the Zoom application updated to the latest security patches. (for additional safeguards, please click here )