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Non-Retreat Daily Schedule

This is the schedule we follow when no retreat is in progress.

AM - Morning Schedule:
  4:30 AM   -   5:00 AM Wake-up and shine
  5:00 AM   -   6:00 AM Mandatory Participation Meditation in Main Hall
  6:00 AM   -   6:30 AM Mandatory Participation Puja chanting
  7:00 AM   -   8:00 AM Breakfast/Community Clean-Up
  8:30 AM   -   8:45 AM Mandatory Work Meeting
  8:45 AM   - 10:45 AM Community Work period
  8:30 AM   - 10:30 AM (Saturday) Mutual cleaning
  9:30 AM   - 10:30 AM (Sunday) Meditation
10:45 AM   - 11:00 AM Preparing for Lunch
11:00 AM   - 12:00 PM Puja Chanting/Lunch/Community Clean-Up

PM - Afternoon & Evening Schedule
12:00 PM   -  2:00 PM Personal time
  2:00 PM   -  4:00 PM Work Period/Personal Time
  3:00 PM   -  4:30 PM (Wednesday) Resident’s Meeting - all residents must attend
  3:00 PM   -  4:00 PM (Saturday) Pali and/or Sutta Study Class (if monastic teachers are available - check News/Events schedule)
  3:00 PM   -  4:00 PM (Tuesday and Friday) Interviews with monastics/teachers
  4:00 PM   -  6:00 PM Optional Meditation/Free Time
  6:00 PM   -  6:30 PM Break
  6:30 PM   -  7:00 PM Mandatory Participation Puja Chanting
  7:00 PM   -  8:00 PM Mandatory Participation Meditation

All events subject to change depending on circumstances. The daily schedule varies on full and new moon days for the observance of Uposatha.

All residents and guests are expected to fully participate in morning and evening meditations.  If you cannot fully participate, please speak to a resident or monastic upon your arrival.  Visitors are welcome to come just for the day for the Saturday and/or Sunday meditations, Dhamma talks, discussions and classes.  Please let us know if you would like to participate in any of the events offered to the public each week. Please read all the General Guidelines about visiting.

All residents and guest are expected to contribute two to four hours of work per day of chores and work for the benefit of the community.  If you believe you cannot offer your help or are limited to what work you can offer, please speak to a resident or monastic upon your arrival.

Noisy work should be completed between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.  Please keep the Meditation Hall and surrounding areas quiet at all other times. Please keep conversations to a minimum from evening meditation until after breakfast.

See also: The Typical Retreat Daily Schedule

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