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Our Books

These are books written by Bhante Gunaratana and Bhante Saddhajeewa and are available commercially either at your local bookseller or through online retailers. Please consider researching the venues that offer this book through the Internet or your local bookstore. When visiting the Bhavana Society Monastery and Meditation Center, we will have some of these books available on our small book stand. The priceless gift of the Dhamma has been made available by the generous contribution of others. If you would like to help continue making such Dhamma Dana publications available at no cost, your offering would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Recommended Reading

This list represents both new and classic books that are faithful to the Buddha’s teaching as taught in the Pali cannon.  You will also want to take advantage of the hundreds of free books and scripture translations available for free on line at Access to Insight,  Other books written by Bhante Gunaratana are listed on Our Books page. 

Our Library

The Bhavana Society maintains a small reference library to support the research and writing of Bhante Gunaratana as well as the Dhamma and Pali study of the other monastics. Foremost in the library is the collection of the Pāli Canon (in English and other languages) and its ancient and modern commentaries. On a tab on this page, we have a Pāli Canon “finding aid” for library shelf locations, a chart showing the parts of the Tipitaka, and the unique classification system used to shelve the materials.

Pali Canon Finding Aid for Shelf Locations


Multiple Windows on the World of Dhamma …

Here are some other websites that you may find interesting.

Abhayagiri A Theravada Buddhist monastery in the tradition of Ajahn Chah. The Abbots are Ajahn Pasanno and Ajahn Amaro. Access to Insight This is probably the single largest collection of readings on Theravada Buddhism on the internet. It contains hundreds of scriptures and Dhamma books as well as extensive links to other resources.

Ride Sharing

Got a ride? Need a ride? Lets us know!

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For Studies and Students

Bhavana and it’s resident monks are available for all scholarly inquiries. If you are doing a study, you are a student doing a project, writing a book, or any other scholarly engagement, we are available to you. You can give us an email at


Directions can be found here or by going to the directions tab of the visit page.

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