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The Bhavana Society Library

The Bhavana Society Library

The Bhavana Society maintains a small reference library to support the research and writing of Bhante Gunaratana as well as the Dhamma and Pali study of the other monastics. Foremost in the library is the collection of the Pāli Canon (in English and other languages) and its ancient and modern commentaries. Here is a Pāli Canon "finding aid" for library shelf locations, a chart showing the parts of the Tipitaka, and the unique classification system used to shelve the materials.

The library is also used by the residents and visitors to Bhavana. Though the library is closed for most retreats, it is open on the final retreat day. 

The collection exists due to the generosity and support of many donors over the years. The Library's Mission Statement details the types of materials collected. From time-to-time the library posts information about books it would like to add to the collection for those who might be interested in contributing in this way on the Books to Donate page.

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