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At Bhavana Society, we practice dana (Pali for generosity) by offering the Buddha’s teachings free of charge to all.

Along with sila (virtuous behavior), dana is considered essential to building a strong foundation upon which wisdom can arise through meditation.  It is through the practice of dana that we learn to let go of our self-interest and greed…


Bhante G requests that meal offerings contain no oil and no strong spices, including chili peppers. To arrange a meal, please contact the Bhavana Society Office at 304-856-3850 or 304-856-3241. In addition, you may send an email to Info@BhavanaSociety.Org.

It is a tradition for Buddhist lay followers to offer meals to the monastic community.  Monastics are dependent on lay people to provide food each day because they are not permitted to cook or store food.  Traditionally a meal offering is made to honor a special event in someone’s life, such as a birthday or a marriage. It is also frequently done in memory of a family member on their three months or one year death anniversary….

Dana Calendar

View our Dana Calendar to see which dates are available. To provide a meal to the community, please contact the office at (304) 856-3241 or email


Sri Henepola Gunaratana Scholarship Trust

We invite the donors to visit Sri Lanka and meet the students they support, and encourage them to pursue their education more vigilantly. The scholarship fund was begun for young people living in Tumpane district in Sri Lanka, where Bhante Gunaratana was born.

Board of Trustees:

  1. The chief monk in Tumpane district
  2. The head monk of the Henepola temple
  3. The government agent of Galagedara, Tumpane
  4. The deputy director of divisional education, Galagedara.

Items to Donate

Because our supporters wish to donate to Bhavana Society’s residential community, we provide this list of items which would be useful. We deeply  appreciate your donations and we remain grateful to ALL of our supporters!

Bhante G has requested that no processed foods be offered to the monastery. This is for the health of our monastics. Please, no cookies, crackers, candies, etc…

Amazon Wishlist

11/10/22  — The monastery is in need of plastic lids for a glass dishes. We use these to store leftovers.

visit this to see the items on the Bhavana Society’s Amazon Wishlist

We are profoundly grateful for the kindness and generosity of each and every one of our supporters. Thank you for your support!


Ways you can help out…

There are many ways you can be of service to the Bhavana Society. If you think you could help out in some way, contact us at If we know how you would like to help before you visit, we can get materials ready for you, if needed.

Books to Donate

(Page updated: December 3, 2020)

From time to time we list books in the categories below that would be useful to add to the Bhavana library collection.  If you wish to donate one or more books, please let us know the title and the author of the book you wish to offer before sending it to Bhavana (in order to avoid duplications) by contacting us through email at:…..

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