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Taxi-Transportation Services

There are no public transportation services to the Bhavana Society from the cities of Baltimore or Washington, D.C., nor are they available from any airport, bus or train station.
If you provide your own transportation, be sure to print out appropriate directions from this site. Some GPS devices will misdirect you, please plan accordingly. Drivers are not familiar with our area.

Some transportation options are:

  • Ramayana Ride Share (While general Uber service works well going from airports to Bhavana, options getting back from Bhavana are limited.) This is an Uber driver located in Winchester, Virginia, who can provide ride service FROM Bhavana back to Washington, D.C. area airports. Ride requests can be made directly from Bhavana by calling or texting 814-244-6394 with day and time that the ride will be needed. Then the Ramayana Ride Share Uber driver will arrive at Bhavana prior to the day/time you arranged. You can then make the request directly using the Uber app. (You can discuss directly with the driver other payment types if desired.  Cost for these rides would be less than taking a taxi.) 
    Polly's Cab, Inc. is located in Winchester, VA. 540-662-4111 will meet your flight in the Washington DC airports or pick up multiple passengers from a single airport location. Please call for total pricing quotes.
  • Bill’s Transport Service:  Located in Washington, D.C. area. 703 869 4426.  Auto transport from anywhere in D.C area to and from The Bhavana Society.  Single or multiple passengers at reasonable rates.  For info and/or reservations call Mr. Bill or email him at

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